Annual Conference of Mediocrity

This year’s Conference of Mediocrity (Second) has special significance because:

  1. We’re celebrating a nice even number (60 years — 33 to Steve, 27 to Stephen)
  2. We’re also celebrating Stephen’s departure from Washington, DC (like many a mediocre person who has lived in DC, Stephen is leaving after 4 years — one term).

The celebrations will take place on Saturday, August 25 (note: this is different from our original date of August 11).

We have yet to determine the exact nature and location of the party, but it will likely include drinking, games, speech-making, t-shirts, and some dancing.  Stay tuned!

T-shirts (designed and produced by Juraj M. and Sheryl B.) from last year’s First Annual Conference of Medocrity: Celebrating 58 Years: