Step Up 4 — 2012

Stephen, Aaron, and Tila after seeing Step Up 3 for Stephen’s 25th birthday… 3D glasses were then worn while dancing at Madhatter after the movie.

To kick off August, we’ll once again be gathering a group to see the newest Step Up movie (Step Up released on July 27).  Most of you know that I love hip-hop dancing and that I’m a hugeeeee fan of the first three movies.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Join for food and drink at RFD in Chinatown.  I’ll be there by 5:30.  (Google Map)
  2. Leave RFD around 6:45 and walk over to Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14.  (Google Map)
  3. Buy tickets for 7:00 showing of Step Up 4.  (Click here if you want to buy your tickets in advance)
  4. Movie statrts — 7:00 PM
  5. I start dancing in my chair — 7:15 PM
  6. One of the greatest movies of all time ends — 9:00 PM
  7. Go to Penn Social for drinks, games (they have lots of games), and discussion of the movie’s depth (Google Map).
  8. Penn Social closes.

Other stuff:

  1. If you want to join in the underground costume party that’s going on for this event, contact Aaron for details (
  2. If you haven’t seen the first three Step Ups, don’t worry, each one has an independent plot.
  3. If you have any questions, text me at 801-550-1099 or email me at
  4. Here’s the Facebook page for the event.
  5. Here’s the preview for Step Up 4: